Psycho Key is back from their Summer Tour '06. It was their first time touring with their new multimedia video show, and they had a blast. Psycho Key headlined at some fantastic festivals across Germany, France and Switzerland. The band is really excited to get back on the road.

Check out the new video section to see a demo of their video show "Harvest". You will see a few tracks from their show in Geneva, enjoy!

The band is now in St. Lucia recording a new album that will become the soundtrack of their musical movie "Harvest".
You can now order the live DVD of their 1st video show (Spirits of India) that was filmed in Martinique at the Jardin des Papillons. Contact the band for more info. Also, a live DVD of the latest video show "Harvest" is due for December.

Psycho Key is planning a tour in the U.S in the spring '07 and Europe for the summer '07.

sycho key is a band that mixes rock and world influances such as indian sitar, reggae, 70' rock etc ...

the band is originaly from Toronto but is now based in St Lucia in the CaribbeanLe Reservoir Club and Geneva City Music Festival, as well as club gigs throughout Germany, France,
Switzerland, St. Lucia, India and Turkey. The album Jetty was released on April 18th, 2004 through
TLG Prime and distributed with Edel Contraire, Germany. The album is receiving radio play throughout
Germany and Psycho Key recently returned to Germany to complete a one month tour in support of
the release.

“So refreshing to hear rock as original as yours, so rare to find a band lyrically and musically refreshing
these days.” Damon Homer, Jointpop (Trinidad)

"From bone-crushing metal, they segued into cool reggae scratches and jazzy, undefineable musical pieces
that asked you to just listen for a moment." The St. Lucia Mirror, Jason Sifflet

All members now spend their time in the hills of St. Lucia. Kyra Jolliet, (lead singer) is Canadian born with
Russian roots, Nicolas Jolliet, (sitarist, guitarist) has traveled around the world hunting stringed instruments
(sitar, oud, esraj, surbahar), Clint Adjodha (bass, vocals) was born in Barbados, raised in Canada, and is now
living his Indian heritage, and Azanaya (drums, vocals) is a Rasta from his St. Lucian mountain community.
Psycho Key members use their different cultural backgrounds to make their own musical world and create
an incredible realization of artistic vision and repertoire.

."Psycho Key is able to invent their own sound by mixing ancient, modern and multicultural musical influences in their own brilliant way” Wolfgang Grabenau.

Psycho Key was born on a beach in the Dominican Republic in 1996 and has become an extraordinary and
unique collaboration of individuals influenced by the world at large.

The music of Psycho Key is rock vocals, reggae beats, Indian sitars, wailing guitars, and a grooved bottom-end thrown in a blender, mixed on high to gather a new world sound. Psycho Key has released four albums since being together: Wicked Dream, La La Land , Autrement dit and Jetty. Psycho Key is in the studio now mixing their next album Sweed.

“Once they started, it was clear they had been building a kind of music that is rare, if not unique.” The St. Lucia Mirror, Jason Sifflet

"That album sick mon!!! Got wicked fusion vibes here, real roots music mon!” Ras-Iauwata Amha Selassie

Psycho Key toured North America with their self-released Wicked Dream: major stops being Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland and Seattle. With Canadian distribution company The Label Group, La La Land was released world-wide, charted in North America, garnered press, and was toured in Europe twice in support of the release. The 2003 La La Land tour included the Montreux Jazz Festival, Paris’

Germany/Switzerland/France 2006

29.07.06- Kulturrampe open air (Krefeld)
30.07.06- Rakoczyfest Bad Kissingen street festival
04.08.06- Festival de la paille, Chaffois France
09.08.06- Scène Ella Fitzgerald - Genève (Headliner)
12.08.06- Waldbad open air
19.08.06- Friedens festival Iserlohn
25.08.06- Zytanien festival Lehrte Immensen
More dates added soon....

Germany,Switzerland,Italy, 2005 (Sweed tour)

19.06.05- CALEBASSE CAFE (Martinique, W.I)
25.06.05- TERMINE JUNGEN OPENAIR (Germany)
01.07.05- KULTURKELLER (Germany Fulda)
02.07.05- SLAUGHTER HOUSE (Germ. Berlin)
08.07.05- KAFE ZEITLOS (Germ. Dinklesbul)
09.07.05- HERBSTEIN PIT'S PARTY (Germany)
15.07.05- PROJECT EIN (Germany)
17.07.05- BURG HERZBERG FESTIVAL (Germany)
22.07.05- FESTIVAL OUTDOORELCH (Switzerland)
23.07.05- KLINGEN OPEN AIR (switzerland)
05.08.05- SPIRIT OF WOODSTOCK (italy)

Germany, 2004 (jetty tour)

24.04 Crailsheim (El Rithmo)
30.04 Berlin (Road House)
1.05 Hof (Galeria House)
2.05 Furth (Kofferfabrik)
5.05 Nuremburg (Roter Salon)
7.05 Immeldorf – Weisses Ross
8.05 Oberweiling (Kneipenbuhne)
9.05 Hersbruck (Jungecentrum)
12.05 Fulda (Backstage)
13.05 Fulda (Irish Pub)
14.05 Ansbach (Kammerspiele)
19.05 Fulda (University)
21.05 Bamberg (Live-club)
22.05 Oberndorf (Project Ein)

France, 2002 (la la land tour)

02.10 Paris (Abracadabar)
05.10 Paris (Le Reservoir)
14.10 Paris (La Balle Au Bond)
09.10 Lille (Le Biplan)


Switzerland/Germany, 2003 (la la land tour)

13.06 Gena Avully Switzerland
20.06 Geneve, Fete de la musique
21.06 Geneve Fete de la musique
28.06 Fulda Backstage Germany
4.07 Nuremburg Festival Germany
5.07 Hof Galleryhaus Weineit
7.07 Berlin RAW-Tempel
9.07 Berlin Café Zapata
10.07 Zeitz Muggefug
11.07 Halle Saale
15.07 Montreux Jazz Festival
16.07 Montreux Jazz Festival

France, 2000

26.06 Fete de la musique
28.06 Paris (Le"287")
30.06 Centre communal Troie

NoiseNation. 2nd Mai 2004

A completely normal Bamberger Friday during a completely normal Bamberger week, which basically means that nothing really exciting is happening on the music scene. Under normal conditions, I wouldn‚t go out of my way to hit the musical desert of Bamberg, if it hadn‚t been for the fact that a very special innovative band was performing.

When Psycho Key started to play, a unique, family-like spirit developed, in which the band did not just perform, but we actually had the feeling that Psycho Key was playing exclusively for us - an ingenious feeling! Psycho Key played some old songs and some new. The show included classics from La La Land - Zadig, She was a wish and Darling, songs from Jetty- the title song, Jewel of the Night and Wonder Woman, and a few songs from their latest album Sweed, which will be released in the fall. It was the perfect hit list for a fan!

What is so magical about the music of Psycho key is their mixture: the memorable voice of Kyra Levy, the Reggae-loaded beats of Azanaya and Clint Adjodha, and the exotic sounds of the Sitar player and guitarist Nicolas Jolliet. And Psycho Key transfers their spirit, which they have already managed to spread through their recordings.

The females in the audience felt directly involved when Kyra announced between two songs that „this next song is for the ladies in the house" and then belted out in acapella "I wanna fly so high". Dancing to the Reggae sounds was even twice as much fun!

For those who are attentive to the lyrics, one can only react enthusiastically when the first line of "She was a wish" is told ingeniously in poem form, before the song begins. This transforms the song into a true experience.

Psycho Key goes beyond the music and maintains a strong connection between the band and the audience throughout the show.
I am very anxious to get my hands on the new Psycho Key CD, and hope that they will come back to Germany!

Writer: (Meph) treatment: (spy)

First album: WICKED DREAM
Year: 1998

This is Psycho Key's very first album. It was recorded in Toronto, in their first studio. At the time, Psycho Key was only a duo (guitar/voice). This album is primarily "pop rock", although we can feel the first "world" influences through the sounds of the various percussions, the classical and acoustic guitars, and the odd time signatures. Most of the songs were written in the Dominican Republic where Kyra and Nico met and created Psycho Key.

Wicked Dream was released in Canada in 1998 with Indie pool.

1. Barely Naked 2. Helpless Man 3. Good People 4. Wicked Dream 5. Luchy 6. Sometimes 7. The Fuck You Song 8. Canyon 9. Wasted Lady 10. Missing Home 11. Come Back

Second album: LA LA LAND
Year: 2000

This album was recorded at "The Cozy Studio" in Toronto in 1999.
Clint Adjodha (bass) joined the band. The sitar made its first appearance in this riffy rock album, giving La La Land a world colour, even though it remains a very rock "a la Led Zep" album. Songs like Zadig and Golden Jail trigger the growth of the band.

Lyrically, the album is very 'fairy tale oriented', using old stories like Voltaire's "Zadig", and new tales like She Was A Wish and Golden Jail.

La La Land was released in Canada in the year 2000, and worldwide.in 2001 with United One Records (Berlin).

1.Zadig 2. Darling 3. She Was A Wish 4. Kyra's Song 5. Golden Jail 6. Song B 7. Keep Your Head 8. Gourouland 9. Intro 10. Regal


Fifth album: Sweed
Year: 2004

Psycho Key's original goal was to invent their own style by mixing the essence of the early 70's rock with reggae grooves and indian music. After 5 albums they finally got the perfect mix. In the song Sweed you will have a driving reggae/dub rhythm with sitar riffs that flow into an apocalyptic rock chorus. In Regal, you have that slow reggae feel with the 60's psychedelic frame. Melted into all of this are the sounds of the Surbahar (ancient sitar), the saz and the oud. The outcome of Sweed is a boiling pot of moving, grooving, hypnotic, entrancing music.

This album was recorded in the fall of 2003 in St. Lucia.

Third album: JETTY
Year: 2002/2004

This is the first album recorded in St. Lucia. (www.theplaceonearth.com). Azanaya (drummer) joined the band and influenced Psycho Key with his reggae background (check "Le Surdoue"). In Jetty, Psycho Key incorporates these reggae influences with a lot more of the sitar. Overall, Jetty is more of a "world" album and has a more laid back vibe than the previous albums.

Jetty was released for the first time in the winter of 2002. It was later re-worked, re-mixed and then re-released by Edelcontraire in Germany, 2004.

1. Jetty 2. Wonder Woman 3. Roaming Mind 4. Jewel Of The Night 5. Big Machine
6. Sleep Fight 7. Le Surdoué 8. Counting Drops 9. Karma 10. Revolve
11. Dragon 12. On The Wild 13. L'Ile

Third album: AUTREMENT DIT
Year: 2004

This is Psycho Key's first french album. Basically we took the best out of the 4 other albums, re-wrote the songs in french (with the help of Thomas Passedouet and Nathalie Vendeman from Paris), added a few new french tracks, et voila...a very versatile album...in french.

This album was recorded in the fall of 2003.

1. Cent Influences 2. Nouvelle Histoire 3. La Jetée 4. Zadig 5. Congloméra
6. Prison Dorée 7. Le Surdoué 8. L' Ile 9. Ville à Gaz 10. Diamant De Nuit
11. Mal Du Pays 12. Venue d'Ailleurs


Le 28 septembre 2006

Le groupe est de retour après sa 6e tournée en Europe. Malgré beaucoup de pluie en août, les Psycho Key se sont fait très plaisir en jouant de super festivals comme le festival de la Paille, la Scène Ella Fitzgerald à Genève, le Sytanian en Allemagne etc. leur nouveau concept vidéo a été super bien reçu par le public. Comme promis, ils ont emmené leur public à travers les Indes, Les caraïbes tout en mélangeant musique et vidéo.

Cet hiver Psycho Key va enregistrer et finir leur film musical « harvest » et préparer un nouveau spectacle pour la saison prochaine qui les emmènera aux États-Unis pour le printemps et en Europe pour l’été.

Ne manquez pas de visiter notre nouvelle section vidéo où vous pourrez voir quelques concerts et exemples du show « Harvest ».


La musique de Psycho Key est un mélange unique et subtil d’influences reggae, rock et de musique indienne (sitar). Le résultat est une musique « world » nouvelle, rafraîchissante et envoûtante.

« Psycho Key vous emmène dans un voyage exceptionnel à travers leurs différentes influences musicales, attachez vos ceintures et ouvrez vos oreilles !! » Willy Zumbrunnen, MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL

En 1996, Psycho Key se forme sur une plage en République Dominicaine. 10 ans plus tard, après de nombreux voyages et tournées (Canada, U.S, Allemagne, France, Suisse, Inde, Turquie, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Jamaïque), le groupe a évolué en une collaboration extraordinaire de musiciens, influencé de cultures complètement différentes et opposées.

Les musiciens de Psycho Key résident actuellement à Ste. Lucie. Kyra Levy (la chanteuse) est canadienne et d’origine russe. Nicolas Jolliet (sitariste, guitariste) a voyagé autour du monde en recherchant des instruments à cordes (Sitar, Esraj, Oud, Surbahar), Clint Adjodha (bassiste, chanteur) est né aux Barbade et d’origine Indiennes  Azanaya (batteur) est un Rasta des montagnes de Ste. Lucie.
Les membres de Psycho Key utilisent leurs différences culturelles afin de créer leur propre monde musical.

“Nous essayons de capturer l’essence de ses differants styles sans jamais appartenir à l’un ni a l’autre complètement. Si bien que nous ne sommes jamais vraiment reggae ou rock ou Indien, mais simplement “Psycho Key”. Des citoyens du monde qui réinventent leur musique, sans frontières ni préjugés.” Nicolas Jolliet

Psycho Key a déjà sortis 5 albums (wicked Dream, Lala Land, Jetty, Autrement Dit, Sweed). Le groupe est actuellement en train de tourne un film musical à St Lucie qui sortira en Dvd le printemps prochain. Cet été, vous pourrez en découvrir certains extraits (vidéo et bande son jouée en “live”) sur scène.


Ces dernières années, Psycho Key a fait plusieurs tournées. Les points forts ont inclus des festivals comme Le Montreux Jazz Festival, Burg Herzberg Festival (avec Ten Years After et Manfred Man), Musiglanzgmeind ( tête d’affiche), The Guadeloupe Jazz festival (première partie de Susheela Raman), St Lucia Kalalu World music festival et d’autres encore (voir site Internet www.psychokey.com).

“Quand ils commencèrent à jouer, il était évident que Psycho Key créait un style de musique exceptionnel même unique.” The St. Lucia Mirror, Jason Sifflet

“ Cet album est totalement fou!!! Il y a une incroyable fusion entre les vibrations musicales, c’est vraiment une musique roots. Ras-Iauwata Amha Selassie

“Quel plaisir d’entendre une musique si originale que celle de Psycho Key, ce n’est pas tous les jours qu’on a le plaisir d’écouter des paroles et de la musique aussi rafraîchissante.” Damon Homer, Jointpop (Trinidad)

Psycho Key ou le voyage musical d’un genevois.

Carougeois d’origine, Nicolas Jolliet a été durant quelques années un habitué de la scène musicale genevoise. Guitariste, à 17 ans, il jouait déjà dans plusieurs groupes de Genève et enseignait la guitare à de nombreux musiciens confirmés aujourd’hui. En 1996, à l’aube de ses 20 ans, des rêves pleins la tête, il décide de partir quelque temps découvrir le monde. “Pour voir ce qu’il ce passe au-delà des murs de notre ville ».

De passage en République Dominicaine, il croise la route de la chanteuse et actrice canadienne Kyra Levy. Ils composent leurs premiers morceaux et rencontrent un franc succès auprès des touristes pour qui ils jouent dans les bars du coin.
Ils décident de faire de cette rencontre leur vie et d’aller à Toronto tenter leur chance dans la musique.

De petits boulots  en petits concerts, de Toronto à Vancouver, de Los Angeles à Chicago, ils écument  les bars, clubs et petites scènes du continent Nord américain. De retour à Toronto ils réalisent leur premier album « Wicked Dream ».

Mais très vite le groupe se sent à l’étroit, ils partent à la recherche d’instruments et de musiques du monde. Leur soif de découvertes et leur curiosité les amènent jusqu’en Inde, Jamaïque, Turquie, Kurdistan, Caraïbe, autant de destinations pour puiser leurs inspirations et réaliser leur second album « La La Land ».

Loin des grandes villes, ils installent un studio d’enregistrement dans les collines de Ste. Lucie, près d’un petit village de pêcheurs. Entre leurs tournées,  ils enregistrent leurs albums « Jetty, Autrement Dit et Sweed » et conduisent à maturité cette fusion musicale originale qu’est Psycho Key.

En effet, le groupe  est un mélange de musiciens de différentes  cultures (Aza Naya, batteur Rasta de Ste. Lucie, Clint Adjodha, bassiste Indien-Barbadien). Leur musique reflète leurs voyages et influences : Une section rythmique reggae, des guitares rock, des Sitars-Esraj-Surbahar Indiens, du chant pop Nord Américain…La fusion parfaite du voyageur.

10 ans après exactement, Nicolas revient à Genève avec son groupe et son film musical « Harvest », un long-métrage qui se déroule entre l’Inde et les Caraïbes présenté en « live » à travers leur spectacle musical et visuel. L’équipe de techniciens s’en est donnée à cœur joie. Attendez -vous à de belles surprises !

Parc de La Grange, Scène Ella Fitzgerald le 9 août, a 20 heures.

Pour plus d’information visitez leur site www.psychokey.com


Please feel free to edit and correct the text above since I am Anglophone!
Justine Page

The FULL STORY by Nico
Psycho Key is already 9 years old!!! We are 4 musicians in the band. Aza Naya plays the drums, Clint Adjodha plays the bass, and does the back up vocals (when he feels like it), Kyra Jolliet (Levy) is our singer, and I play the guitar and sitar.

In February ‘96, Kyra got a job working at Club Med in the Dominican Republic. After being an actress on the TV show “Degrassi High” for 4 years in her teens, and acting and singing in different plays in Toronto, she wanted to travel and find “her thing”. After Dominican Republic, she planned to go to Spain and teach English as a second language so she could travel around the world. At the time, she was 23 and ready to live a full life of adventures. She was ready for anything exciting to come, only certain deep down that she wanted to do something with music, singing or acting.
So was I...

In Geneva (Switzerland) where I grew up, I had been teaching guitar in a music school for a few years now..I had a few bands going, we would play gigs here and there, but the place was becoming too small for a young musician that wanted to spend his life at it. I was 22 and was dreaming of traveling too... I wanted to go to a big city, have a band and become a “touring” musician. I could feel in my guts that the world was a vast exciting place and that I had to go. My fantasy was to take a trip somewhere and be able to NOT come back to the old Geneva. After traveling in southeast Asia, I went to Dominican Republic with a friend to do some windsurfing in the waves of Cabarete.

One day I was sitting with my guitar in front of the bungalow just playing away, enjoying the nice breeze that comes at sunset. My life was about to change forever and for the best, yet I had no idea, just sipping at my beer daydreaming, when a nice chick came up to me. It is amazing how life can drag on for years with nothing happening and suddenly in a second it takes the big turn. You just have to look for it, be open to it, take risks, travel, cut your routine, and here it comes. Kyra showed up.

“Hey I’m Kyra, I can sing, you wanna jam? So right then and there we wrote our first song and became friends. We were lucky that Kyra could speak French, cause I couldn’t speak any English.

Cabarete was a typical “caribbean” paradise, a nice beach, a bunch of cool little bars, lots of young surfers, the sun, the stars at night etc... We had a lot of fun, and since there was not much wind for the windsurf, we would write songs all day long. We were so happy in that holiday mood, we were inspired, and after a couple of weeks we had 9 good songs.

Being far away from home and having a good time, I felt that I didn’t want to go back home, we wanted that good time to last forever. Maybe I could actually live my fantasy of not going back home? One day we took a motorbike trip in the mountains and that night I told Kyra that I didn’t want to go home, that I wanted to go to Vancouver and try the music scene there. An old friend of mine had been there and had told me how cool it was... I knew Kyra was supposed to go to Spain to become an English teacher. But the next day she told me that she didn’t have to go to Spain right away, she could change her plans too... Playing as a duo (guitar voice) in the little bars around Cabarete, we didn’t want to let our new music go. So we decided to go to Canada and try to make music. The problem was that I didn’t speak English, had maybe a 1000 dollars left of savings, no jobs, I would have to quit my good job in Geneva, leave my bands and my girlfriend...my life...but we were young, we were in la la land, so we went for it...not that we weren’t scared.

TORONTO April ‘96
So here we are in Toronto. Kyra lives at her parents’ house, and I have a student room in a student apartment on Spadina by the university. I get a job as a gardener and learn my first English on the spot: rake, lawn, clean, sweep...I got my 8 track recorder shipped from Switzerland and we started to record a demo and play in the bars around Toronto as a duo. Kyra used to work at Much Music before (she worked backstage at an Our Lady Peace/ Van Halen concert and did various other jobs) and she had contacts, so we tried to pitch our demo. Being the first time in a big north american city, I am amazed by the number of places that have live music, the big music stores, and the cheeseburgers. I am sure that we would be touring with a band within 3 weeks... A few months pass by and by the summer we get

tired of Toronto. Things didn’t go exactly as we had planned, we are not rock stars yet, we didn’t find musicians and we just want to travel again, that’s what we love the most. One night we show up at a gig to discover that the bar had closed... This was a sign. That night Kyra’s friend Matt showed up too with other friends. And Matt proposed to record a demo for us and burn a CD (in ‘96 it was just the beginning of “homemade CD’s”). With our first CD demo in our hand, we decided we would take Kyra’s car, puts our bags and guitars in it and drive to the other end of Canada... Vancouver.
One of Kyra’s contacts put us in touch with a Manager/Booker that could help us there.

So we go, we do a 12 day road trip across Canada, playing wherever we can, camping at night... Kyra and I are obviously in love, but nothing concrete had been said up to this point. I knew the golden rule: never sleep with you singer!! But you can’t stop life...things were so intense that sometimes we even had to do little stops on the side roads, until the day in Alberta when an angry farmer showed up with his rifle and two of his pals telling us we were on private property!
Throughout the trip we kept on writing songs...Missing Home/Good People/Helpless Man etc...

Vancouver August ‘96
Once we arrive in Vancouver, we find a room the first day and start to look for jobs...not easy. Kyra works selling paintball games in the food court of shopping malls. I work in a “hand carwash” and sometimes I work with our alcoholic neighbor fixing drywall painting etc... We start to play the local scene, still as a duo. And we look for a drummer, we try lots, none work. We found one that could be good, played a few gigs, but then he wasn’t serious enough. It is so hard to find a drummer...

Dave, a good friend of Kyra’s, came from Toronto to visit us. He is a musician too. He tells me that it is now possible to record music on computers. If you have a Mac you can have up to 16 tracks. Dave and I did some research in the music stores, and we learned that it is possible to have a descent home studio for 5000 bucks. The technology is very new and everyone has a different story...nevertheless I decided to start studying sound engineering and recording. I got books and began to read, that’s when I really started to learn English.

By the winter we were completely broke and very depressed (Vancouver is just rain rain rain in the fall). So Kyra manages to get us a job at the Club Med in St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Since she had worked at the one in Dominican, she contacted the lady and the following week we were on a plane. We were saved!!! The night we arrived in St. Lucia, we went to the pool by the hotel. It was late, the stars were out, the tourists in bed, the crickets very loud... Leaning on my back floating in the pool, looking up I was thinking about the last year, how fast it went, and wondered where the hell we would be in a year, in 5? So far the adventure we started in Dominican was not ready to stop!!!! My biggest fear was to have to go back home before a year had past..but I didn’t, even though I was homesick sometimes and missing my friends a lot. WE MADE IT!!! ONE YEAR!!!

During the month at Club Med we met Thomas Passedouet. He was a successful hairstylist from Paris. We became friends and he also became a fan. He shipped 100 of our demos to France and said he would help us with our music there. Maybe we could go play there? We will meet Thomas again later...

Coming back to Vancouver, we realized that we wanted to move somewhere else. We also have the travel bug big time...so we pack the car again and we head for the States....

United States Spring ‘97
We made a bed in the rear of the car, I have to sleep with my legs folded, but after a week I was used to it... We start with Seattle, then Portland, then San Francisco. We would just reach a town and see where we could play, then play and move on. We met lots of interesting people. Then we reached L.A. Kyra had friends there, other actors from ‘Degrassi High’. We have a lot of fun, partying up the town and playing some gigs, still as duo. Then we started to go towards Toronto from L.A., so we went through the Death Valley, Vegas, Grand Canyon (where we wrote the song Canyon), Arizona etc...Town after town, we eventually ended up in Toronto. And it was time to start a life again...difficult to settle down after such an adventure on the road. WE LOVE THE ROAD!